Nursecall System

Only a long-lasting solution is a cost-effective one.

The decision to install a call system is always a long-term move, since it demands future-oriented planning, long-term installation and needs-based user training. Only if your call system is able to respond flexibly to changed organisational demands or communication needs will your decision pay off in the long term too. Apparently low-cost solutions can quickly turn out to be expensive mistakes. With the nursecall system, all new developments and adaptations of features can be integrated easily both now and in the future. And all without any changes to the cable infrastructure, expensive installations, dust or mess. Just like in the flamenco dance, the technology develops but the substance remains the same.

  • Flexible grouping of rooms beyond ward limits
  • Planning freedom thanks to unlimited scalability and compatibility
  • Easy adaptation to changes in use
  • Organisation based on business management concepts
  • Future-proof system platform