Residential Idea

The Auotmatic Residential Solution truly intergates your electrical, mutlimedia and telecommunications technologies into one single solution. We offer a stress-free and user friendly integrated system with:

Style and Attitude

Our solution can let you monitor your energy consumption, adjust your lamps to natural lighting level, automatically switch on or off lights when entering or leaving a room, schedule your cooling and heating time and more…You can always achieve more by using less power.

Quality of Life

Safety and limitless connectivity are 2 key qualities in achieving a real 21st century home life. The interconnections among your home systems, your mobile phone and the internet will enable you to live safe in the knowledge that your home and family are protected at all time.


You can operate almost any device in your home, from almost anywhere via touch screens, wall switches, web tablets, remote controls, phones, computers and internet. Be control whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you are!

Anytime, Anywhere, As you like
Everything is under control
With Home automation solution you can easily control everything in your home, room-by-room, using our ultra-cool touch screens and remotes, or anytime, anywhere from your favorite smart device.


With the touch of one “Scene” button you can set everything you want in every room of your home for any activity, from “Wake” to “Sleep” and anything in-between, like “Watch”, “Listen” or “Away”. An unlimited number of Scenes can be created and customized to your personal preferences.

When you wake up…

It is the beginning of the workday. The bedroom lights light up softly so you can move around the room without disturbing your partner. The bathroom lights also light up slowly. The TV in the bathroom powers on and is set to your favorite channel. The audio is playing softly.

When you leave home…

It is a weekday morning and you’re the last one leaving home. On your way out you press “Away” mode on the touch screen. Lights and air-conditioning throughout the apartment are turned off; the security system is turned on; all doors are locked; music and TVs are turned off.

When you back home…

You’re on your way home. Before you arrive you press “Home” mode on your smart phone. When you arrive the lights throughout the apartment are set to the perfect levels; the security system is turned off and the temperature will be a comfortable 22 degree; your favorite songs will be playing softly in the kitchen and living area.

When you have dinner…

After a long day at work, it is wonderful time enjoying meal with family! You press “Dining” mode on the tablet. The lights over the dining table dim; the audio system is turned on.

When you watch movie…

Saturday afternoon, the perfect time to watch a movie with the kids. You press “Watch” mode and the room becomes your home theater. The lights dim to prevent glare on the TV screen; the movie starts playing automatically; the audio set to the perfect level; the room temperature is maintained at a cozy 22 degree.

When you listen to music…

It is Sunday night, and you’re preparing a dinner party. Your guests are about to arrive. You press “Listen” mode on the table top touch screen in the kitchen. music plays lightly in the living room; dining room and foyer, setting a relaxing mood; in the playroom, the kids are listening to popular songs and playing video games; you can adjust the volume using your smart phone.

When you go to sleep…

You’re watching TV in bed at night. You’re ready to go to sleep. The last thing to do is go around the entire apartment turning off lights, turning on the security system, lowering the temperature and turning off TVs, music and video games. With home automation system you can stay in bed. Simply press “Sleep” mode on your tablet and everything is under your control.